Success Stories 

Andy Hudson, 39

“I feel I've become a better, more efficient runner.”

What was your lifestyle like before you started training?

It was awful! I never excercised at all, if i had to run anywhere id last seconds. I drove to the ship, which was literally a 2 minute walk from the house and I smoked around 20 cigarettes a day.

What made you decide to have Personal Training?

I gave up smoking due to pressure from my family about 10 times and failed, then one day I just decided that it was ridiculous as I had already started running but the first thing I did after a run was have a cigarette. Crazy. Then one saturday I booked in at Boots and started Smoking Cessation. I started personal training to help me gain a good level of fitness, and make a good use of the money i was saving on not smoking.

What were you looking to accomplish with me?

I wanted to become a faster runner

Was it what you expected?

Its much tougher than I expected, but at times very enjoyable, at other times its a bit shit :)

Did you reach your initial goal(s)?

I did, not only have I become a faster runner, I feel I've become a better, more efficient runner.

What benefits have you got from having a Personal Trainer?

I feel fitter and im alot happier. I feel I have accomplished something and Paul is helping me on my journey. I also love running, and having PT has helped me find more enjoyment in it.

Do you recommend PT and if so why?

A lot of the time, if you only have yourself to be accountable for yourself and in a lot of ways that remains the same, but if someone is checking up on and encouraging you then it makes you much more likely to do what you have promise to do. It's all about keeping the promises you have made to yourself.

Why do you continue to use a personal trainer?

Paul is amazing when it comes to motivation, he keeps pushing me and helping me believe I can achieve more and more