Success Stories 

David Munton, 43

“Now I've started with the PT sessions, I wouldn't look back!”    

  • Tim Crofts

What was your lifestyle like before you started training?

I was reasonably active going to the gym, playing squash and running, but an injury required me to reassess and tailor a training session that would keep me fit but being mindful of a bad back

What made you decide to have Personal Training?

My wife bought me some sessions for my birthday. At first, I thought this wasn't for me – but I gave it a go – and 3 years on, I'm still here!

What were you looking to accomplish with me?

To maintain a level of fitness and to build core strength to protect against future back problems

Was it what you expected?

Absolutely – I enjoy the variety of training sessions that we have and I have no doubt that they have made me fitter and more resilient to injury. Whilst they don't all feel like it at the time (!), they are also really enjoyable and I get a lot from them.

Did you reach your initial goal(s)?


What benefits have you got from having a Personal Trainer?

I build the PT sessions into my overall weekly exercise routine and as a result the other sporting and fitness activities I participate in have definitely benefitted. I have my sessions first thing on a Saturday and so they also help me to kick start the weekend off on the right foot!

Do you recommend PT and if so why?

Absolutely – as mentioned above – for me, it's the fact that they are tailored specifically for you and Paul can adapt each session depending on progress and what you are looking to achieve. Now I've started with the PT sessions, I wouldn't look back!

Why do you continue to use a personal trainer?

To maintain a certain level of fitness, to help with my core strength and its good fun!