Success Stories 

Gordon Bott, 63

“Routine blood tests showed I had high cholesterol. It was time to change.”

  • Gordon Bott


  • Gordon Bott


What was your lifestyle like before you started training?

Pretty laid back, with little or no exercise and focused on business. Rich food, 80 units per week alcohol, lethargic ex-smoker.

Why did you decide to hire a personal trainer?

Routine blood tests showed high cholesterol, high sugar levels and raised liver functions. A world cruise which involved daily exercise in the gym, showed me another way. I found that exercise gave me a healthy appetite and a feel good factor.

What were you looking to accomplish with Personal Best Fitness?

To lose weight, improve fitness levels, improve muscle tone and improve my general well being.

Was it what you expected?

Most definitely.

Did you reach your initial goal(s)?


What other benefits have you got from having a personal trainer?

All my goals have been met and I continue to improve. A side benefit is a positive and well balanced lifestyle.

Do you recommend personal training and if so why?

Most things that are enjoyable in life if taken to excess are ultimately negative: alcohol, smoking, fast food, no exercise etc. I consciously added up the cost, both monetary and healthwise, of my previous lifestyle and decided to invest the same money and effort into PT. The result is I'm a much happier, better balanced, healthier person as a result. I no longer drink alcohol, my diet is well balanced and nutritious, sugar levels and cholesterol are OK, my weight is fine... and I feel great.