Success Stories 

Kevin Budge, 53

“I have lost 18 pounds in weight and feel and look much better.”

What was your lifestyle like before you started training?

I kept getting knee injuries and putting on weight and it was a vicious cycle.

Why did you decide to hire a personal trainer?

I wanted to lose weight and get fit so took advice from a nutritionist to change my diet and look for a personal trainer. I had worked with Paul before and we agreed to work together again. Paul now comes to my house which makes it far more convenient.

What were you looking to accomplish with Personal Best Fitness?

To lose weight and get fit again without injuring my knee.

Was it what you expected?

Having worked with Paul before, I knew what to expect, so yes.

Did you reach your initial goals?

I have just reached my first goal and we are now looking to set a new goal.

What other benefits have you got from having a personal trainer?

Although I only see Paul once a fortnight, he has set up a programme for me to follow during the intervening period and checks in on me by text or email. In combination with the new diet, I have lost 18 pounds and feel and look much better. The only problem is that my clothes are now too big for me!

Why do you continue to have personal training?

I know that if I stop, that I will get back into the bad old habits.

Do you recommend personal training and if so why?

Absolutely, I look forward to it, although not necessarily to the next day when the after effects kick in! I find it keeps me motivated and Paul varies the routine so I never get bored.