Success Stories 

Kunny Dhillon, 47

“I was determined to get into a healthy state and include fitness as part of my life.”

  • Kunny Dhillon

    The boxer

What was your lifestyle like before you started training?

Earlier this year I slipped two discs in my back and was feeling very old and fragile. I am your ideal gym member due to a very unpredictable work lifestyle.

Why did you decide to hire a personal trainer?

After some serious physio on my back I was determined to get back to a positive healthy state and include fitness as part of my everyday lifestyle, so decided to use a personal trainer to get to grips with this.

What were you looking to accomplish with Personal Best Fitness?

1st Goal - Strengthen my core:
Paul came up with some different routines that made full use of the garage and the garden. Rest assured, you'll never get bored with the same old routines - no more aching in the morning when getting out of bed.

2nd Goal - Stamina:
We started with a couple of sessions a week in order to build my stamina back to acceptable levels. I'm not really a fan of running so our early sessions broke me in gently and now I'm conscious if I've not achieved my 3 x weekly runs.

3rd Goal - Weight Loss:
Fat burning plain and simple. Realising that you're only cheating yourself when you're not pushing yourself 100% in that session and I love the boxing routines. I dropped a trouser size and am noticeably trimmer (still got half a stone to lose, 12.6 st target).

Do you recommend personal training and if so why?

My quality of life has significantly increased as a direct result of my training programme and I would recommend Paul to anyone at any level hoping to improve their health and fitness. Simply having someone to push you that extra 25% makes all the difference.