Success Stories 

Polly Jennens, 44

“I needed to lose weight, get fitter and change my unhealthy lifestyle.”

  • Polly Jennens

    Road race

What was your lifestyle like before you started training?

A disaster – a heart attack waiting to happen! Overeating, drinking far too much and very little exercise apart from the odd walk to the pub!

Why did you decide to hire a personal trainer?

A particularly stressful period at work had taken its toll and I needed to lose weight, get fitter and change my unhealthy lifestyle. Over the years, I’d been a member of most of the gyms in the area and they just hadn’t worked for me. I felt that I needed to find a fitness regime that I could do from home and maintain.

What were you looking to accomplish with Personal Best Fitness?

The most important things for me were motivation and needing to find something that I would stick to. I wanted to learn different ways of exercising from home and being inherently lazy I needed a trainer to get going and keep at it.

Was it what you expected?

To an extent, yes. I was very apprehensive and self-conscious to start with and it’s testament to Paul just how quickly I relaxed. It was more fun than I ever expected it to be, the variety is great and not one session over the last 12 months has been the same. Paul keeps producing new ways of inducing pain and suffering!

Did you reach your initial goal(s)?

Absolutely! My initial goals were broad – lose weight, get fitter. I have lost over two stone and recently completed a 10k race. When I first started I could only manage to run for one minute so if I can do it, anyone can. I’m now training for a half marathon in October and the London marathon next year.

What other benefits have you got from having a personal trainer?

The sense of achievement is brilliant, from managing more crunches than the previous week, to completing a race. The additional benefits are losing weight, getting fitter and having more stamina, strength and flexibility for other things like skiing, gardening and walking. My blood pressure and resting heart rate have dropped significantly and I can wear clothes that I haven’t worn in years.

Do you recommend personal training and if so why?

Without a doubt and Paul’s fun and relaxed style has made it all so much easier. He seems to have gauged how to keep me motivated and pitched the sessions just right so that they suit my personality. I have really found it a treat to have one hour a week devoted to looking after myself. It’s easy to take health and mobility for granted and I am truly grateful for mine now.