Success Stories 

Tim Crofts, 43

“I wanted to be fit enough to enjoy my kids, playing sport with them and running about.”    

  • Tim Crofts

What was your lifestyle like before you started training?

I did little exercise apart from a bit of golf and occasionally going for a walk. I used to eat too much and normally felt pretty tired.

Why did you decide to hire a personal trainer?

Really to be able to have the energy to run after my kids in the park and not be exhausted after a gentle kickabout. I was really overweight and lacked any general fitness.

What were you looking to accomplish with Personal Best Fitness?

I did not have an expectations about being a well-toned athlete, I just wanted to be able to eat well, enjoy myself and not put loads of weight on. I also wanted to be fit to enjoy my kids, playing sport with them and running about. And also to lose a few pounds.

Was it what you expected?

PT was, and it was tough, it still is! Two sessions a week early on made me walk like John Wayne for a while as I got used to it. You get out of it what you put into it.

Did you reach your initial goals?

Yes, on the whole. I have put a bit of weight back on since my lowest point but on the whole I am much fitter than I have been in a long while. It has been a good release of any stress from work and gives you an outlet.

What other benefits have you got from having a personal trainer?

I am fitter, can now do a lot of the sessions myself as I know how to do them.

Do you recommend personal training and if so why?

Yes, I do because it helps to focus you on what to do properly, gives you some motivation, and a means of managing a busy life.